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blank page / site explanation

another blank page… sorry!

it won’t be like this for long — I just need some time to figure out what I’m gonna do with the content that was previously up on my site.

the “art” section is probably going to be moved to an account on one of those fancy-shmancy art posting sites. I’m too lazy to code a personal art gallery complete with little thumbnail versions of the art so that it loads faster and all that. problem is I can’t seem to decide which one to use… not using twitter, not out of anything having to do with being old web or whatever but a simple personal preference against it. top two site candidates in my mind I can think of are Weasyl and Artstation. Artstation feels a bit too fancy and professional so I feel like it’d be weird for me to post my amateurish art there, but it has a UI that’s made for viewing pictures and makes sense to me. Weasyl is the same on the latter part except with an affiliation with the furry community (though it isn’t necessarily furry exclusive), which I don’t particularly mind, but I wonder whether it’d hurt visibility or something because of it being on a more niche website (not that all of this isn’t already niche…) I think I might go for cohost — feels more casual. and really, in all honesty, it doesn’t really matter to me where it’s posted. I would’ve gone with Twitter if I really cared about visibility.

“lists” will probably be removed. for reference, it was really just two lists listing random things. it’s kind of hard to describe — I compared it to “The Pillow Book” on the website. I’m not particularly attached to it and what I thought might be a promising way to pad out content turned out to be something I wasn’t that interested in. as personal notes though I’ll keep it

I’m kind of iffy on “music” as well — it’s a bit of a random dumping ground and it’s a section I feel like curating more, particularly to emphasize the video game OST loops. I like all of the songs there (or at least think they’re all presentable) but I’m a bit annoyed that it’s unfocused.

I’m so iffy on “poems,” because of the fact that I’m not always super confident that they’re worth keeeping on the site. I definitely think they’re interesting, but I waver between being proud of some of the writing and simply tolerating it. I may try to send them out to zines and such so that whether or not I’m proud of or simply tolerate a poem I know that at least one other person decided it was worthy enough to be published somewhere else. That’s another reason why, although I’m iffy, I’m hesitant on removing poems entirely, because of the idea that someone out there might be sad that a poem that they really resonated with was removed, even if said person is simply a figment of my imagination or a remote possibility (which is incredibly likely), because I’ve been there before and, while I respect a person’s decision for removing work, it still is a bit sad when something that was important to you is no longer accessible. but either way, life must go on and change is inevitable.

the “about” page is strange, because although I still resonate with it (because I wrote it about me LOL), it still feels like a clear attempt at trying to pad out a page in order to justify it. in other words… it was kind of forced. I don’t really have anything I’m particularly like, dying to say about myself, but the About page is a staple of the personal website so I tried to do it. turns out, that kind of thing’s just not for me.

so anyways, I’m gonna get everything in order pretty soon. might take a while, might not, I’m not really in a rush to get everything that was on this website back up.